Challenge Update: The Identity

Things are moving right along. It’s a little past noon and while I am wait for the college football playoff selection show to start, I just completed the logo design for the challenge. The goal was to make it fun and colorful and inviting. The color palette will be used as a basis for the remaining elements of the challenge. Let me know what you think.

Awesome Birthday Posters logo

Challenge Update: Planning

Okay. So I am feeling less than productive this evening because I haven’t produced a deliverable. But, technically that is incorrect. I wrote a plan to build and execute this project to be ready to launch on Monday morning.

The takeaway is that I believe that one cannot skip on the planning process because you’ll waste more time spitballing than executing. Also, during planning, I believe I chose the most optimal solutions for the constraints that were given. Extending this to how I do business, no matter what the project, it is best to understand your constraints and based upon my knowledge and experience, I design a solution to solve the problem and produce a product that not only the client loves but also brings value to that client’s organization.

Since this is a post about the plan but it’s also a competition, I won’t divulge my entire plan here, but will save that for another post. BUT, I will provide the four main points of the plan. They are:

  1. Create Identity
  2. Design Website
  3. Test and Launch Website
  4. Execute Marketing Plan

That’s it for now. Next time I report in, you’ll be presented with the logo of the project.

Challenge Accepted

Bring It On

As with any skill, one must keep in practice to insure that the skill doesn’t diminish and become useless. Painters, musicians, dancers, writers, lawyers, doctors — they all must stay on top of their craft to be competent, capable, and hopefully very good at what they do. The same applies to entrepreneurs and business owners. They must perfect their craft of building and running successful businesses.

With that being said, my friends and colleagues at Brain Rain Solutions a decided to issue a challenge to see how skillful we are at launching a product. The caveat is this — we only have 48-hours to build a site for this product. Whoever can make the most money from their endeavor for a week following the launch will be declared the “winner.”

The Product

Since I am a print designer by trade, my product will be print oriented. I will be launching

People love celebrating birthday milestones (Dirty 30, Sweet 16, Fun 21) and after passing the age of 21, they happen every five years starting at the age of 30. People also love tactile things. E-cards (do people still send those any more?), text messages, and Facebook posts wishing one happy birthday are nice, but they don’t beat an actual message that you can frame. is here to facilitate sending that loved one a unique printed message he or she will cherish. The idea is this — go to the site, select the age of the person receiving the poster, and enter the reasons the poster recipient is special. A few days later, a custom-printed commemorative poster will be delivered.

Getting It Done

Successful products, well, successful anything is usually the result of careful planning and flawless execution with a bit of excellent timing. Since the challenge is a 48-hour challenge, the time to complete everything is compressed. But, thankfully, there will be time to iterate should the product prove to be something people would like to buy.

Wrapping Up

I’ll be providing updates as I go along to provide readers with some insight into how we tackle challenges like this. Now it’s time to get to work on step 1. Planning.

Apple has Something to Tell You

Apple's Special Event Invitation

“We’ve got a little more to show you.” (Link via The Verge)

On top of a rumored iPad mini, there are rumors that Apple will also be announcing new Mac minis and a 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina Display.